Robert Bauer

Software Engineer ยท

  • Native mobile application development (iOS and Android).
  • Has integrated software development life cycle best practices and tools as needed.
  • Works closely with team members to develop and deliver projects on time.
  • Manages projects to deliver on time and with in budget.
  • Programming language expertise: Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, C#, Python, PHP, Java, SQL, C/C++, Perl, Visual Basic, ASP and ASP.NET, Web technologies (HTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, XUL)



See my LinkedIn profile for a complete and detailed history.

Senior Software Engineer

Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer International

Develop and maintain iOS and TVOS applications for ABC News, ESPN (ESPN, Fantasy, Tournament Challenge), and ABC OTV

November 2018 - Current

Senior Software Engineer

Disney ABC Television Group - ABC News

Sole developer of the ABC News TVOS application. Developed and maintained the ABC News iOS and Android applciations.

August 2015 - November 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Developed iOS app to securely retrieve EMR data via REST APIs for care giver (doctor or nurse) use. App decreased the amount of time required to investigate a patient's current status, allowing care givers to provide proper care earlier.

July 2013 - August 2015

Senior Consultant

Onshore Momentum

Developed web applications to augment patient retrieval and data entry.

August 2012 - July 2013

IT Applications Programmer Senior

Progressive Insurance

Worked on iOS and Android Progressive Insurance mobile applications.

January 2009 - August 2012


National City Bank

Implemented programs for calculting sales program performance and incentives for 1000+ branches.

November 2007 - January 2009

Marketing Database Administrator

Keithley Instruments

Designed and developed a web based collateral management tool to replace Oracle's. The tool saved $100k, is used internationally in Europe and Asia, and has processed 10000+ requests over the past year.

November 2002 - November 2007

Web Developer

OverDrive, Inc

Built e-book online retail websites and developed and maintained backend systems.

May 2000 - November 2002

Senior Consultant, Network Services

Cohen & Company

Provided network and web services

December 1998 - May 2000


The University of Akron

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Specialties: Graduate Software Engineering Methodologies, Graduate Enterprise Systems Architecture, Unix, Computer Security, Mobile & Embedded Computing, Database Management, Entrepreneurship

August 1996 - May 2012


Programming Languages

web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON, etc)


ADS-B Scanner

Raspberry Pi, SDR, antenna

Built to answer the question, "what's that flying over there?" Nestled between LGA and JFK airports, there is a fair amount of interesting air traffic. From all flavors of commercial jets, to helicopters and even sea planes!

June 2019 - Current

Physical World Bar Graph

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NeoPixel LED Lightstrip, Hubot, Python, Coffeescript, Firmata

It would be interesting to view a website's (or mobile app's) realtime active user count. Using a 30 LED individually addressable lightstrip, this is possible. I've setup a lightstrip at the NYC office to show realtime users. During a 2019 hackathon, another lightstrip was created and deployed at another office location.

The Raspberry Pi provides the platform to run scripts and interface with the internet. It's capable of driving the LEDs directly, but may not be as reliable, so the Arduino is used to interact and manage the LEDs. The Pi then commands the Arduino which LEDs to light. Add Hubot, and now the lightstrip can be managed from a chat bot within chat apps such as Slack.

February 2018 - Current

Garage Opener over Internet

Netduino, Linux, Android, iOS, garage door opener

At the time, an internet enabled garage door opener did not exist. I wanted something that could solve the problem, "did we close the garage or did we leave it open?" And if the garage was opened, can we close it remotely and verify it closed?

Using a Netduino (which runs C# code), I setup a simple web socket server to allow other machines on the network (although not internet) to connect, get status updates, and send commands. The Netduino was wired to a relay which was then wired to a garage door remote. Trigger the relay would trigger the garage remote as if it was pressed, which would open or close the garage.

To read the state of the garage (if it was open or closed), a magnetic reed switch was used at the door and wired back to the Netduino. As the switch changed state, the Netduino would notify listeners on the web socket.

To protect the Netduino, a local Linux box connects to it and proxies commands and data to it. The Linux box would provide web socket access to Android and iOS as well as a web page (all of which required authentication).

February 2013 - August 2015

Call Log and Blocker

Vonage, Dialup modem, Pentium 100 PC running Linux

There had been too many telemarketers calling. So many that we exceeded the number of calls you could block on our home phone (26 numbers). Could these be blocked another way?

Someone figured out how to capture the Vonage caller ID packet using Perl. Using a hub, a low end PC running Linux could sniff the packets as they go to the Vonage device. It captures the caller ID and forwards it to a more powerful Linux box. The 2nd Linux box then logs the call and checks if it has been blocked or not. If not, the call proceeds like normal. If the call is to be blocked, the lower end Linux box receives the instruction to drop the call. To drop the call, it instructions the dialup model to pick up the receiver and then drop it. This process was usually fast enough that the phone would either ring once or there would be a half ring. This ring helped identify the call came in and got blocked.

August 2012 - August 2015

Roundel Remote

Android, Java

This is a proof of concept app for communicating with your ConnectedDrive enabled BMW.

March 2015

Harvest NEO

iOS, Objective-C

July 29th - 30th, 2011: The OSUE Urban Agriculture Program needed a way to help promote locally grown produce. Between 5 developers, graphic designers, a project manager, and OSUE, an Android application and iPhone (iOS) application was developed. The address data was ported to Google Fusion. The mobile devices used Google Maps to display the locations, allowing the user to discover and navigate to these locations.

As a team member on this project, I helped develop the iOS application and helped the Android developers when possible.

The iPhone application was shipped after two days of development and accepted to the Apple App Store (

Harvest NEO

July 2011


Kismet, iOS, DD-WRT, wifi routers, cantennas

Wardriving sounds like something evil, but it's the mapping of wifi access points. It was a past time of mine. It was interesting to fiddle with the hardware and software to create a setup which became mostly hands off. Then be able to collect wifi access points and their GPS coordinates and graph them. It was interesting to see over time the number of access points being secured. It was also interesting to see how the neighborhood I was in would only have 3 or so access points on the whole street. Then a few years later, just sitting on the couch, there would be 9-12 access points broadcasting their availability (and without needing any special antennas to hear them!).

1998 - May 2010

Kismet Client

iOS, Objective-C

The goal of this project is to create a Kismet client which could be run from a mobile device, such as an iPod, connect to a Kismet server, and monitor and review the wireless access points processed by the server. Kismet is a Unix/Linux 802.11x protocol analyzer, which has a server and client components. The client component is available to monitor and review the data the server has processed, but is a console based application and difficult to read on a mobiledevice.

Kismet Client

July 2011

Personal VPN

OpenVPN, wifi router, Linux

When on the go, it can be challenging to trust a network (wifi mostly). It's nice to be able to connect to the network and then initiate your own virtual private network to ensure your data is safe. I'm not a VPN or networking expert, but had fun figuring out how to get OpenVPN to go. Originally tried getting it to go with mixed results on a router equiped with DD-WRT, I finally settled on running OpenVPN from a Linux box. This provided better up time and better supported tools.

October 2010 - Current

Other apps

Windows, C#

Misc apps

TI Calculator Scripts

TI-85, TI-89

A collection of scripts I've written in TI-Basic for the TI-85 and TI-89.

TI-85 Scripts
TI-89 Scripts

? - 2007


Interests range a little bit, but tend to focus on technology. My focus has always been on the Internet of Things (Iot) and bridging the physical world with the internet and technology.

When not in front of a computer, I might be biking, taking photos, or travelling. Having moved to NYC, I sometimes miss grilling in the backyard and seeing how quick I could get my car around a set of cones at autocross.